This company has ripped my off as well.They never sent me the flat screen TV or the printer as promised.

The computer I received is not in the least comparable to the amount of $2300 I paid. I have tried to contact them several times, and they have also put me on hold for long periods of time. And when I did speak with them, they lied and said they were going to send it and never did.

We need to sue this company, because I still hear their commercials trying to suck in other victims.

This is false advertisement at the least.


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Brooklyn, New York, United States #738679

Is there a class action suit in nyc against bluehippo? I also lost my money after making all those monthly payments and no computer.


Like many others I have a loss as well.With promises of delivery to no avail.

I requested refund was refused. I would like to know if there's a class action lawsuit against this company and if not do I need to start this process? Actually they have filed bankruptcy Contact US Bankruptcy Court District of Delaware.

I'm filing claim today.scottieeking@yahoo.com

Truckee, California, United States #124574

i was taken for over 1000.00 dollars by blue hippo and never received any merchandise and when i tried calling them the line was busy and couldn't get through. i even told them to stop payments but it didn't happen so i went to my bank and they stopped the payments but no money recovered and no merchandise


like wise with all of you, I have been paying for over 6 mon and paid over $1200 and still haven't gotten the computer, printer and flat screen. As soon as there is a lawsuit against blue hippo let me know ASAP


Plaine and simple,im in the hole for 1100.00 Is there a lawsuit against this company? someone please respond.


I want in on the suit!!!It took 6 mos.

for me to get my computer and we still haven't received our free stuff (printer & digital camera). But god forbid if they didn't get my money, they'd be calling every minute!!

I can't get through to any of their numbers.This company has been horrible


Plese send information on law suit I would like to get involved also


As the rest of you guys i was also scammed by bluehippo. I paid them $809.73 and got absolutely nothing in return. I gave them all off my information and now have to not only recover what was lost, but figure out a way to protect myself from future problems!


i also am a victim of blue hippo. they are still getting my money. i am forced to change my banking account


I live i upstate NY I also am Interested in getting my $900+ back these people are theives I cancelled the contract in beginning of this year only to have them continue to take my money untill I had to close my account and get a new one dispite phone calls,emails and letters they continued to operate even sending me a new contract with no ammount paid to date to redo the entire mess I have recieved NO product..no promised voucher for their store which by the way DOESNT exhist


I'm in they got me for a computer .....was in the middle of payments .....they never sent my product and payments have been stopped ....

$1300.00 is what I am in so far plus hours of emails and phone calls to waste my time

what I am really curious about is I just got wind of this.And after some research this kind of practice going on for like 2 years now .....


We need to do something ASAP!I ordered a flat screen tv and paid for it in full.

I used a credit of $800 that I had with them and I sent them a money order for the difference. It has been 6 months and I still don't have it. Every time I call they tell me to wait and that they will forward a message to upper management.

You cannot get a refund or speak to a manager.How can they get away with this?


I am in!I hate calling them at least once a week to be told to wait longer!

It has been 5 months and they still have not shiped my laptop!

We had to go out and buy one somewhere else.This has been on ongoing for almost 2 years!




sign me up , i think it is a shame why can't the bbb do something . please anyone out there does anything count me in i would start it but not sure how too


Sign me up.I want these people out of business and off these commercials.

Do we contact the paper they're in or the tv station they are on? I do believe they are false advertising to.

James, tell your wife it may take longer. It's been 2 years 11 months and the last time I heard from them was in January - a letter from corporate??? and promised me the SAME THING that everyone else has these past YEARS!!!!

My goodness, how is this LEGAL? On priority list and wait 2-4 weeks. EVERY Time. False statments too?

Can we sue?:(


yes we do my wife bought one to and promised free flat screen,printer and software bundle. its been over a year and still nothing. she keeps calling them and they sat wait wait wait so she keeps on waiting and still nothing


blue hippo is a true scam...ive stopped payment w/them and tried to order somthing else with my $938.

credit at less the value and they want me to pay shipping and handeing w/ money order instead of useing funds that already scammed me for....and i can only order one item at a time ....

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