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I ordered my comp 4 months ago, I called to canc within 3 working days because after reading reviews I was not impressed. Well my feelings were correct. I was not told that it was like a lay a way that after a couple months it would be shipped. but thats not the issue.

The issue is I pd 99.00 when I ordered it, I was told I would be refunded. Well it has not been 4 months and I still have not gotten my refund. They will not reply to my emails, I have called numerous times all they tell me is that it is being processed and cannot give me an exact date but that it will be going through anytime. Asked to speak with supervisor, but was told the supervisors do not take calls. Well guess what I have the address and now I am going to write to the President of the company.

Do not do business with them, go through rent a ct or another comp but don't do business with them you will regret it.



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Altenkirchen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany #48204

At least you caught on early and only lost $100. A lot of idiots on here are losing $1000+.

Why? Because they're idiots.

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