I wanted to get a lap top for my daughters gradutaion in JUNE 2009, I STILL DONT'T HAVE ONE ;o( I am very unhappy and I want and NEED my money back. My daughter calls me at work every day asking if if I called BlueHippo.

I have been trying to reach them for 3 weeks now and I am unable to get any response. It's very frustrating! Now I have to tell her she won't be getting a lap top.

I need to know how to go about getting my money back, if anyone knows can you please let me know where to start. Thanks

Monetary Loss: $850.

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Go to your STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL, write them a letter, print out all these complaints and include them in your letter. These people are STEALING your money and everyone elses, and unless you do something they will continue to pay for their mansion in california with your money!

YOU WILL NOT SEE A COMPUTER, NOR WILL YOU EVER, IT WAS A SCAM! Get on your computer and find out the address of your states attorney general, send them a letter explaining what happened. Print out these complaints and everyone you can find online with a complaint, send them a *** telephone book full of complaints, and demand they do something.

Your state Atty general is supposed to help with these consumer issues, so everyone from whatever state you live in reads this, i want you to also do the same, print out a buttload of these complaints, google their name cause there are far more complaints than just on here.

Print them, mail them , and refuse to give up. Follow up by calling them after a week of atty general receiving them. BE PERSISTANT!

If you can run an ad in the paper or on craigslist, get people together and file a class action suit immediately.

Put these losers in jail, and stop letting them live high on the hog on your hard earned dollar!


Blue Hippo took my 300.00 also this is ridiculous because a consumer should not b allowed to get away with things like this its all jus a crock. From now on I will only use HSN.

Note u can get a laptop off of there by paying little to nothing and u get it AFTER THE FIRST PYMT you can also u s prepaid debit card. im gonna find a way to get back at that *** co.I want my money back times are too hard for this mess.

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