Hey everyone.. so here goes my venting, this is going to be short and not so sweet...

i was told when i called and started this that after 13 payments i would get my computer. i started this in feb. 2008 and did not get my computer until the end of march, 13 months. everytime i called it was always check your email, check your email.

this is nothing but *** and they are full of it too. i would not recommend this to anyone.

who knows when i will get my free gift, probably another 13 months..... bye bye

Monetary Loss: $1900.

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Your grammer is horrible. Your common sense is about the same...


I have been dealing with blue hippo sense 4/11/08. I stop my payments in 6/4/08 because they said that I defaulth on my agreement.

They told me that they done do refunds I had to order from there store so I did on 11/26/08 I order a LCD TV. Sent them a 63.00 dollar money order on 1/10/09 they cashed it on 1/14/09 and still no TV.

I call once a week and get the same oh run around . What can I do to help myself out of mass?????

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