plain and simple they are thieves they took money out of my account with out a signed agreement and when they credited it back to me they kept 30 % for nothing and two years later I am still waiting for the tv I ordered the customer service has not responded to me nor have they sent my merchandise even after I sent another payment of $40 for shipping and handleing I want these thieves to give me back my $800.00 all of it not part of it and I want them shut down, they do not help anyone they are scam artist

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Yes to whom it may concern this is Elissa

Daughtrey canceling my order Since no one will answer my calls.you can cancel may dam order and return my dam money back to my account and leave me the *** alone about a dam computer you *** thives. thank you very *** much.


u still have not got ur product :?

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