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I ordered a computer, they promised me a computer would be delivered, told numerous times it was on it's way, they kept taking money out of my account every month, my account was closed.I stopped putting money into the account, when time went by, and I received no computer.

I complied with Blue Hippo, and their conditions, they did not live by there owm guidelines. I would appreciate my money returned, please e-mail me at kao1168@hotmail.com.

Blue Hippo is nothing other than a scam, I have spoke with others whom feel the same.All I want is my money back, if that can happen, please e-mail me at address above


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Didn't I read a consumers report about a year or two ago about a lot of state attorneys general going after Blue Hippo for doing this very thing?I believe so.

Have you checked with the BBB and your own state's attorney general?That would be at the top of my things-to-do list for tomorrow!

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