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every time i called blue hippo they always talk bout money. it always next month we'll mail your computer it never reach i paid over 1200.00 which i could of went to a store and paid less i only did this because they told me i was fixing my cridit these ppl need to pay me back my money please contact me at 954 709 2404 or 954 624 6365 i would be very gratful.they also promise al sorts of gifts , first they told us after or first payment they would mail us a camcorder and a tv never received it, when i call them they said when i finish paying out for the computer then i would receive it now i'm calling them and the numbers is diconnected

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Look - another clueless baffoon.

Please read:

November 25, 2009|By Eileen Ambrose | eileen.ambrose@baltsun.com

BlueHippo Funding, the Woodlawn electronic sales company recently accused of violating its settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, has filed for bankruptcy court protection.

The company said it was forced to file for protection under Chapter 11 on Monday after its payment processor's bank, First Region's Bank, unexpectedly froze funds belonging to BlueHippo.

"First Region's Bank explained in an e-mail that it was freezing BlueHippo's accounts solely as a result of a recent press release issued by the FTC - a press release that is replete with factual inaccuracies," BlueHippo said in a statement. The company said it believes the bank's actions were unlawful and left BlueHippo unable to pay its creditors. BlueHippo added that it has demanded that its funds be immediately restored.

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