Hamburg, Michigan
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I tried to go thru blue hippo to get a computer, it has been 4 yrs still no computer or nothing. However they did manage to take out more money from my bank acct about 3 yrs ago.

So I called them, they told me that they needed the payment in full before the computer was sent out. They never told me about this. The man i spoke with spoke spanish.

They told me they couldnt refund my money, told me to go to their store and choose something for equal value of the amount. I did, still nothing up to today.

It is a scam and a fraud.

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I can't even imagine how you could still be waiting for a computer for 4 years and be having money taken from you at the same time.That doesn't even sound right at all.For what you went trhough with those guys,you could have just put something on layaway somewhere or went to a rent to own place.Blue Hippo(what a name) is obviously one of those establishments that mainly targets poor people who want things that that obiously can't afford to be owning so they sell you a dream.That old saying of something being too good to be true holds more in this day and age than it ever did before.If I were you,I'd have done a stop payment with those guys and or change my bank account info a long time ago.Better to cut your loses now and walk away than to keep getting played off your gullibility.

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